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Joanie Mercer 

Alexander Technique Teacher · Life-Skills Coach
Austin, Texas

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For Alexander Technique:

"Joanie Mercer saved my career, but honestly, more importantly, my son's life!
I had chronic back pain from oboe practice and performance. Learning how to release my own tension and use my body not just efficiently but freely, was the biggest gift. Every day there is a moment when I think about what I have unlearned and relearned through the Alexander Technique.
However, it was Joanie's specific holistic approach to the practice that allowed me to be in a place to save my son during his birth. He had the cord around his neck and it was too late to do a C-section. I only had to push three times total for him to come out using the body awareness and use I had learned. They were able to revive him and he is about to finish college now!
Let your neck (and heart) be free!"

- Alecia Lawyer, Founder, Artistic Director and Principal Oboist, ROCO, Houston, TX

"Joanie has been an extraordinary support for me. Not only am I now aware of my posture, balance and tension, my confidence level has risen considerably because of the work I have done with her. Joanie is gentle and so easy to work with. Her clarity and hands-on guidance has allowed me to re-align my body so that I now feel supported and even graceful! Her extensive experience has given her the ability to see and feel what I cannot. She has given me tools to work with so that what I have learned is not only manageable but sustainable. As a workshop leader and singer, it's important to not only look good on stage but to be able to breathe and stand properly so I can make the most of my talent and share it with others. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and plan to continue to do so!"
- Donna Lipman, Master Integrative Life Coach, Performance Coach, Austin, Texas

"Joanie's work touched me so profoundly and continues to inform me. The results of working with Joanie, including being more relaxed in rehearsal and performance and feeling more connected to my breath as I play music. Ultimately, the result is more freedom, relaxation and awake, alive energy."
- Walker Jones, Actor and Musician, NYC

"Having experienced neck and back problems for years, I found relief in the Alexander Technique. Working with Joanie had a layered effect in that it not only relieved physical pain, but it also made me more awake spiritually, emotionally and mentally. This work is life changing and I highly recommend it.
- Elaine Mays, Project Manager/Writer/Producer, UT Television, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

"If I see myself in a store window or mirror, I notice a more confident, poised figure. When I compare this to some other "luxuries" - such as massages or beauty appointments - I feel I spent money wisely."
- Renate Rosenthal,PhD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences

"...Joanie is one of the most sensitive, skilled and compassionate Alexander (Technique) teachers I've ever worked with. Because she's so experienced and committed to each student's success, her work really gets results. You are in the best of hands."
- Meg Christian, Recording Artist and Composer

For Life-Skills Coaching:

"Working with Joanie was truly a turning point in my life. She helped me manage my health, develop a true image of myself, and guided me through setting up a life path that I could feel good about living. She has a wonderful, integrative, and truly holistic method of teaching that helped me with chronic neck pain, destructive relationship patterns, self-esteem, and even helped me optimize my musical talents. I look forward to seeing her every time life calls for it and consider her my personal mentor. Love you Joanie!"
- Sarah Harshaw, On-Premise Wine Sales for Avante Beverages and Founder of Alma's Gluten Free, Austin, Texas

"Working with Joanie literally changed my life. Through her techniques and guidance, she helped me learn to live life fully. I learned to nurturer myself and not feel guilty about it. she also taught me how to break habits that prevented me from reaching my full potential. Joanie wakes people up - she definitely helped me wake up!"
- Dawn M. Wellinginton, Founder and President of The Wellington Group

"Joanie was instrumental in helping me break beyond the self-limiting thoughts and actions that had become second-nature over the years. Her insight and coaching gave me new tools for interacting and dealing with friends, family and co-workers. Not only do I count her as an invaluable life coach; she's become an even more indispensable friend."
- David J., Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, High Tech Software Company, San Francisco, CA / Austin, TX

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