Joanie Mercer, Alexander Technique in Austin, TX  
Joanie Mercer 

Alexander Technique Teacher · Life-Skills Coach
Austin, Texas

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Life-Skills Coaching

Joanie Mercer offers life-skills coaching in Austin, Texas. Her office is conveniently located in Mueller.

Goal Setting:

Learning how to write effective goals is simple and easy. You can learn this skill and how to apply it in all areas of life from finding a job or career that really suits who you are to finding a relationship that is healthy and fulfilling. Find out why goals are important and why they are helpful. Learn how to examine the areas of your life that you would like to improve or change. Learn how to support yourself lovingly and gently in the process of change.


There is a technology of writing affirmations that helps you to uncover what the blocks are that are inhibiting you from fulfilling your dreams. Learn this simple method of writing and examining your results so that you can move forward and create the life you are meant to live.

Writing for Self-Discovery:

Learn how to write about your life so that you can be more awake, alert and aware of what you are doing that works for you and what you really want to achieve. Joanie listens carefully and intuitively to you to help guide you in the process of Self-discovery. You go at your own pace and can experience immediate and day to day changes that enhance your joy and excitement about your life.

Breathing Techniques:

Learn how you can use your breath to control your mind and body. The yogis have used these simple breathing techniques for thousands of years to control their minds. Learn how to use your breath to relax, energize and control your emotions in a healthy way. Joanie began the study of Yoga in 1971 and has been a student of Swami Virajananda, Swami Muktananda Paramahansa, Gurumayi Chidvilasanda for over 35 years. Having practiced meditation and Yoga for over 40 years, she still considers herself a student as well as a teacher of Yoga and Meditation .

Conscious Eating:

A little over two years ago, November 14,2014, Joanie was in an auto accident. The kind of accident where everything slows down and you see it coming and it doesn't make sense. A truck was coming straight at her (front passenger seat). There was impact, the air bags exploded and then a horrible acrid smell. Fortunately, because they were in a very large SUV there were no broken bones. Joanie had some soft tissue damage and her husband's face was cut by the airbag. As odd as it sounds, this event was the beginning of a Whole-food/Plant-based No Oil way of eating for Joanie. She writes about that journey and how she has incorporated it with her study/teaching of the Alexander Technique and her coaching of Life-Skills in her blog.

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