Joanie Mercer, Alexander Technique in Austin, TX  
Joanie Mercer 

Alexander Technique Teacher · Life-Skills Coach
Austin, Texas

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Alexander Technique Lesson
Marjorie Barlow (Master Teacher and niece of F.M. Alexander) giving a lesson to Joanie Mercer, observed by Eileen Troberman.

F.M. Alexander, Founder of the Alexander Technique
Photograph of F. M. Alexander,
Founder of the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Joanie Mercer teaches Alexander Technique lessons in Austin, Texas. Her studio is conveniently located in Mueller.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an intelligent way to solve the common movement problems that cause chronic stress, discomfort and pain. Lessons help you to notice your movement habits and habitual thinking patterns, enabling you to release compression inside the body and move with ease, expansion and balance. It is a scientifically proven self-care method that teaches you a new set of skills to relieve pain, prevent injury and enhance performance in all of your activities. (A recent study published in the British Medical Journal showed the Alexander Technique to be effective in the long-term relief of back pain. Click here for information.)

The Technique may be incorporated into all of your daily activities and can be practiced while are at the computer, driving your automobile, performing in front of an audience, practicing yoga or even playing the sport you love.

"The Alexander Technique is not a method of accumulating information, nor the art of learning something new. It is, instead, the art of unlearning, which is much more subtle and, sometimes, a more difficult endeavor - unlearning that which is habitual, instead of natural; letting go of old patterns and of those repetitious opinions arrived at in times and circumstances totally different from those of the present."
- Laura Huxley, Author, Educator, Humanitarian  

Benefits of the Alexander Technique:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Ease of Movement
  • Calm and Poise
  • Expanded Awareness

Visual Results:

  • Improve your posture
  • Release Muscle Tension
  • Relieve backache and headache
  • Move with increased ease and flexibility
  • Develop more balanced body
  • Change muscle tone distribution
  • Integrate posture and movement
  • Enjoy increased vitality

More Information:

Find more informtion about all aspects of the Alexander Technique at:
The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique,
and Body Learning, the Alexander Technique Podcast,

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